These are tutorials and online teachers I highly respect and recommend. If you aren’t going to an animation school any time soon, you should invest the time in watching closely. Any one of these guys I have in my bookmarks ready to replay at a moment’s notice.

As I continue to gravitate toward using Blender, more of the tutorials I pour through will show up here.

More to be added as time allows.

Sir Wade Neistadt

Sir Wade

Lester Banks


Keith Lango Animation


I need to publicly state that Keith Lango’s work was my first animation tutorial ever that gave me the foundation with clarity on the goals I was trying to achieve. He doesn’t do his VTS (Video Tutorial Service) anymore, but you need to email and find a way for you to buy his series of videos. They will take the mosh pit of information you’ll get from a thousand sources and straighten it out for you in clear, funny, and easy language that makes sense.

Become a PRO at Animation in 25 Minutes | Blender Tutorial

Blender Day 1 - Absolute Basics - Introduction Series for Beginners

Blender Guru