The Plan – #4Flights

On January 1st, I posted a challenge to the Black Animators group to do a simple animation as a group gathering. I successfully marked that idea off my bucket list as I’ve been wanting to post a challenge in that group for a few years. I didn’t offer up a challenge before because my faith in people is still at zero.

I think, by this date, only one person contributed to it with another 15 days to go. I’ll reserve my thoughts on ‘getting others to work together’, particularly with the Black Animators group, on January 31st. You’ll never know. Folks might actually contribute to it by the end of the month. As far as I’m concerned, I met my goal: ‘Offer up an animation challenge on Black Animators group.’ Done.

And now … the next goal. And it’s HUGE.

So, what am I doing as an animator?

At the start of this year, I had to ask myself that. Yes, gotten ‘better’. Yes, gotten a little bit more consistent. Yes, the little TikTok videos are gaining momentum and allow me to tighten skills that need to tighten.

But then what? Where is it going? What did I want to do?

The thing I absolutely positively know I DON’T want to do: work for an animation studio. Work for anyone else. Freelance, part-time, anything for anyone.

My background is primarily a storyteller. Wrote a few books, sold a script once and I’m solid at developing stories. Animation started as a means to visualize the stories and took years to get to this point where I can actually do some things without paying out the nose for outside talent. Plus, I don’t have the stomach to pitch my work. I’m too old and cynical for that business.

Bottom line: I want my own stories, animated by my own studio. Lots of people want that but it’s not an easy quest to fulfill. Hell, I’ve tried a few times in the past with various levels of failure to testify about.

Welcome to 2022. The technology is much more accessible. Social media is so widespread to market better than ever before and not just dependent on YouTube. If properly done, I could knock off a short series of content in my home, with the equipment off the shelf, sort of speak.

And so I will.

I’ve decided to block out all of 2022 on doing only two (2) things regarding animation: continue my monthly 1 minute TikTok videos to keep me actively ‘seen’ … a form of constant branding … and a short four (4) episode series called ‘4Flights’. It’s ambitious but it’s simple and manageable:

  • Only 4 episodes
  • Only 10 minutes each

The goal is to release it on my birthday, Monday, November 7th, 2022 weekly for four weeks.

This will successfully knock another bucket list item off my list: broadcast a successful short series written, directed, and animated by me.

What happens¬†after that … well, I have some expectations I want to meet, but let’s just finish this project off first. Total concentration on getting it finished by November 2022.

All of it is documented here on the website.

Well, I did post the intention of this project on the Black Animators group. Sort of a ‘time stamp’. I’m going to look back at January 14th, 2022 in November knowing I was right.

I got it done.

I’m mirroring my to-do-list on another page. It will be updated and strike-through as each point is finished.

Wish me luck.

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