Slideshow 3D

Slideshow 3D

[Class] Rough Week

The issue this week was my inability to manage my time. Plus, my daughter is over for the week and […]

[Class] Heavy Sigh

Yet another ‘C’ So what am I feeling? Well, when I first received it I was mad. Some 7 hours […]

[Class] Rejected Opportunities

For week 3, we had to shoot some reference videos. Four of my ideas were rejected. The fifth one, a […]

[Class] Another C

Another week — another ‘C’. So what does that mean? Well, on one hand it’s in the 70-range when you […]

[Class] Splining and Walks are Like Assholes

Moving gracefully into Week 3, we’re currently working on splining the blocked character. For the uninitiated, you create the keyframes […]

[Class] How to handle critiques

I wrote an article long ago about “how to give critique”. I think it was on a now defunct website. […]