Incredible Momentum

Fact is, I’ve been so busy putting the actual show together, I haven’t had a minute to update the site. On one hand, that’s a good thing. If I’m constantly on social media and constantly moaning in this journal, that should indicate that I’m getting nothing done. On the other, when it’s time to market […]

ATL Convention Change: Bruised But Not Broken

The ATL Comic Convention made a rather drastic and unexpected change. Instead of the July 15th to July 17th dates, they moved it up to March 2022. Like…next month. Some sort of combo thing with another convention going on that month. I’m¬†totally not ready. Nothing printed. No promotional arranged and I have a very exact […]

Steady as She Goes

Current Status: On schedule. Locked Artist Alley Table at Atlanta Comic Convention July 15-July 17th – Bringing 4Flights … see you there! Finalized ‘look’ and color of scenes and characters (thank you Lightning Boy Studios!) Exploring multiple marketing venues including Hulu! Character Rigging is the focus for the rest of this month. Scenery/Environment building slow […]

Arthouse Animation

In a little bit, probably in the next month or so, the 4Flights journal and all previous nonsense written here will be placed in a form of an archive to make way for branding of 4Flights and a kind of restructuring of FanC3D’s purpose. Suddenly, it all became so much easier than the years of […]

Going Well

I think … after years of invariant success and failure … #4flights has to be the most solidly executed project I ever worked on. While a lot of it is familiar. I’ve performed film production duties before for others and my own early attempts. The difference is more confidence. I know what my expectations are […]

Next Steps

The treatments for the four scripts are done. The interesting thing about writing within ten minutes: I started and nearly finished the script for episode one right after I finished what kind of flow I was trying to do for the entire series. I have limited real estate to work with. The goal is to […]

4Flights Scheduling

To-Do Begin Dates Deadline Actual Completion Date Post-future congratulations on the Black Animators group (Facebook) January 14th January 14th Treatment for the four scripts January 14th January 17th January 16th Episode One Script Breakdowns January 19th January 22nd January 22nd Create Models (unrigged) January 13th January 31st Four (4) 10 minutes scripts Ep. 1 -January […]

The Plan – #4Flights

On January 1st, I posted a challenge to the Black Animators group to do a simple animation as a group gathering. I successfully marked that idea off my bucket list as I’ve been wanting to post a challenge in that group for a few years. I didn’t offer up a challenge before because my faith […]

Rigging: The Daz3D / Mixamo / Blender / Maya Equation

Problem: Love to animate. HATE rigging characters. Mixamo comes along (years back) and tried to fix all of that. Ideal Concept: Use already established, customizable, and potentially rigged Poser and/or Daz3D characters in a better animation package (Maya, Blender, etc) and be golden. Problem with THAT concept: (Heavy sigh – Where do I begin): Poser […]

Enter the Blender

My frustration with Maya trying to finish the Flava project shifted me to Blender with a little bit more urgency. My learning method might be considered a little unorthodox. Some might call it insane. Truth is, this is pretty much how I’ve learned everything: on an actual task rather than a ‘Blender 101’ approach. What […]