Enrolled and Accepted into AnimSchool

On May 31st, I finally enrolled in the AnimSchool. I had a choice between this or Animation Mentor. I chose this one out of loyalty, mostly, for the years of downloading their Malcolm Rig. Animation Mentor looks very interesting also. I just have a strong history with this school. Constantly wanting to enroll, couldn’t afford it in the past.

Life has improved considerably (I think it’s ironic that life, work, career and finances — at least for me — skyrocketed during a pandemic. Life is so backward ass. 100,000 people dead and a global pandemic, but my life is finally on the rise). That morning of the 31st, I was reminded of my original hearts desire to create, tell great stories and make people feel something good from the stories I wanted to tell. I immediately signed up, pointed them to some of my earlier work, and hoped for the best.

Because you know they could have easily declined me. It’s an art school. They look at your portfolio and either you got something or you don’t.

Speaking of my own work, I’ll be the first to complain that I just don’t have anything special. Up until now, I have been 100% self-taught. I’m aware of all the steps needed. The twelve principals of character animation.  The art of Silhouetting. But no matter what I do, I don’t ever quite like what I’ve done. Additionally, I never get any feedback. I’ve posted work for years and except for feedback that I had to either pay for or exchange, barely any likes or reviews. Add my lack of self-confidence of my own work and, well, I’ll often stop animating. It’s been off and on for years.

I do know, when I get back ‘on’, I’m usually better each progressive clip. You’ll see that in the older work.

Now, I’m looking to get professionally trained in Character Animation. On June 5th, I got the email congratulating me into the Character Animation program. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this genuinely happy.

So what now?

The course starts July 5th. Looks like it’s going to run about two years and I’m ready.

More on my lack of self-confidence, I never thought I was a good student. Again, until recently. Outside of animation, I’m 6 months away from my Bachelors Degree (Information Technology specializing in Digital Investigation). Currently at a 3.50 average. Prior years, in the past, I failed in school quite often. I suppose the older I get, any education sticks a little more. My success toward the bachelors degree contributed to my ‘I can do it’ attitude to enrolling into the animation school. Truth be told, earlier lack of confidence in my work and fears of failing in school probably kept me from enrolling earlier.

Now, I’m in this “Two years is a cakewalk”. LOL.

As much as I have a LONG history of self-taught animation skill, I’m going into this program with a blank slate. Not that I know ‘nothing’, but I’m looking to receive everything as brand new and tighten up what I do know. My attitude is primarily keeping under the radar, animate my ass off, keeping my mouth shut and learn every inch that I can.

This website will keep a healthy track of my progress. I’ll post Works in Progress (WIPs), final works, etc as I progress through this course.

I’ve got POUNDS of unfinished, incomplete personal animation projects gathering dust. Until I get 75% through this course, that’s where they’ll stay. So, unless it’s like this recent AnimSchool animation Competition, I’m not even going to get down on any of the 11-second club stuff yet. When I turn around and get close to finishing this course, I’ll jump back in there and show my ass lolololol.

For now, I’m on learning mode and I welcome it.

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