[Contest] Trombone Reference

I’m using this video to help me understand the function of a trombone. What parts slide, how the mouth rests and blows — generally anything I need to know about making it move. You can see in your head what you THINK something like this moves. You really need to see it in action to be sure. Then, out of nowhere, you learn something new.

Watching this talented woman (Gunhild Carling) made me realize I need a ‘plunger’ to make sure that distinctive sound comes out in the animation as well. I thought that plunger holding techniques was only on the trumpet. You gotta be bad ass to hold the trombone with your mouth, extend one hand to properly give that ‘whaa-whaa’ expression from the horn and still slide the dang thing with the other hand!

It’s like you’re left hand holding the plunger is also holding the weight of the horn, too.

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