[Contest] Lightly Modified Malcolm

Part of the contest involves modifying the AnimSchool Malcolm 2.0 rig. I am not skillful in modeling/rigging. I would like to be. One day. As modeling and rigging are practically TWO different skill-sets you just don’t learn overnight — as with animation — I’m happy and comfortable just not being good at it. Multi-tasking fuckers that want to show off being a master of all three can kiss my ass. Any one of them will not be as strong as the ONE they master alone. One of those jack of all trades, master of none kind of thoughts.

What I’m banking on is this particular couple of lines in the rules:

Make him look different by editing his face, look, texture, hair, and/or clothing beyond the already provided options. You must create a new animation within the time frame of the current contest. Work created before the current contest will be disqualified.

Make Malcolm 2.0 look a little or a lot different.

Malcolm comes with some random extra options (hair, pants, shirts, etc). I watched the ‘How to modify Malcolm’ video and the hour and 30 minutes I spent getting into nurbs, blended mesh, this that and the other thing was an hour and a half lost animating or setting up the animation. Thus, I am sticking to the animation. I made a few changes and, according to the rules: I am making Malcolm 2.0 look a little different.

Here’s the original (Left), and the modified version (Right) I’m using:

Calling him Jazz guy. The hair styling comes with the character. I just shortened his chin, thickened his neck and added sunglasses because everyone knows jazz folks wear sunglasses all the time. (Smoke enough cheeba-cheeba long enough for creativity and you’ll need sunglasses, too!).

He’s going to be playing the Trombone for part of this contest entry. I’m using the last 30-seconds of this song by Bessie Smith:


Jazz Guy will be playing the trombone. The Dana rig is singing. The song is from 1927, fitted lovely in the Roaring 20’s motif of the contest.


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