[Class] Rejected Opportunities

For week 3, we had to shoot some reference videos. Four of my ideas were rejected. The fifth one, a very boring walk but effective, was selected so I had to animate (or at least Block) that:

My feeling on this:

  • My instructor doesn’t think I should do anything complex because I’m not good at a general walking character yet.
  • This walk is boring as hell.

I’m doing what I’m told and submitting what he asked me to.

But … I worked on one of the walks I originally wanted to submit:

All lighting was produced in Maya. The little light bulb flash was in After Effects.

Its funny. I think the one I can’t submit is a better walk than the first one. Heart wasn’t into it.

But here’s a takeaway from the experience:

  1. I busted out the walk cycle and the whole scene in about an hour. This is compared to years of trying to lock a good walk cycle within a few weeks … and more recently … a day and 1/2. My little experiment of producing a walk cycle a day was on point.
  2. I finally think I know what I’m doing. The rejected reference videos are my personal opportunity to practice and be better.

I’m taking bets: watch I get another ‘C’ for the first boring walk cycle up to the cone and I’ll regret not submitting the selfie-vase version.

[Update] This is another of the rejected reference videos.

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