[Class] Missed Class and Grade

I missed my class today and I got a ‘C’ on the walk animation. So, naturally, I’m not completely right at the moment.

First, about the class. It started at 9am Pacific. A few days ago, I changed the timezone on the animschool website to reflect my current Eastern time.

So everything was showing that class started at Noon … BUT … in my head I was seeing it as noon Pacific when class started. At 3pm, I’m wondering where everybody is at.

Not my finest moment.

I could argue that none of my fellow classmates tried to reach out to find out where I was, but the truth is I’m an adult, I messed up. No one needs to babysit me.

Now is it my responsibility to do the same should anyone miss an assignment, miss their time or should I be helpful?

I can only refer to the previous line: ‘everyone else is an adult, they messed up. I don’t need to babysit anyone else.’ This sort of thing comes back around … and part of me is salty about that.

It’s cool though.

Truth of the matter is, it has nothing to do with anyone else and I don’t need to be a dick about future events.

Just today, I was trying to finish a paper for the other class. I was trying to get homework for other stuff done so I can free for todays animation class. It’s alright. Monday is the next class and these classes are recorded.

Now, about that ‘C’.

We had three assignments: upload a reference walk video, weight and center of gravity sketches[Class] Basic Block Walk and Pose Sketching and the blocked walk animation. I got A’s on the first two but a ‘C’ on the blocked walk.

Honestly, I’m much more troubled that I missed the class than I am getting the ‘C’. Actually, I’m really happy about it.

Think of it this way: here I have been out there thinking my shit is good—at least in terms of making a character walk in so-many blocked key frames. Now, I have an instructor with a solid background willing to tell me “nope. Here’s where you’re going wrong”. I have a long history of people not even giving me a damn review on anything I do—and only friends and family who are non-writers and non-animators —very pleasant with their critique and praise. I don’t discount them, but they’re not professionals.

So if I’m paying $540 a month for professional to tell me my work is crap, it’s better than anything I ever had.

It only goes up from here. I will receive the critique (once it’s uploaded) and finally make sweeping changes.

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