[Class] Day 1 – Week 1 – Walking

The walk is the basic opening act of all animation. That and the bouncing ball. My instructor has our class starting out on that and he’s made it clear he will be critiquing are work hard.

That’s a good thing. I welcome it.

He made a lot of references to the a first class that I never took. The proud part is AnimSchool kind of ‘skipped’ me to this course since I already had knowledge of those things that went on in that class. At first, I was like … “Am I sure I know what he’s referring to?” Yup…I was sure. I mean, some 10 years+ of messing around with Maya, something has to stick, right? lol.

Anyway, all pistons are firing on accomplishing this weeks assignment due Saturday.

My instructor has a fantastic resume and body of work and he STILL works for a major studio. Yep…I’m going to soak in everything.

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