AnimSchool Assignments

Animation – New York, New York

What a strange, long, and turbulent year. The only animation I worked on since late 2020 is what I’m working on right now. The odd and surprising thing is: I love how it’s turning out. What happened since AnimSchool at the end of 2019? In a nutshell: My daughter got in some sort of medical […]

[Class] Rough Week

The issue this week was my inability to manage my time. Plus, my daughter is over for the week and a lot to do for work. I’m surprised anything got done. The good news, I got an ‘A’ in my System Architecture and Integration assignment for the week. Considering the ‘C”s I’m getting out of […]

[Class] Heavy Sigh

Yet another ‘C’ So what am I feeling? Well, when I first received it I was mad. Some 7 hours later, writing this, I’ve sucked it up and keeping it moving. Especially with some time to think about how I got here. This particular ‘C’, I’m not sure I deserve. I submitted five videos with […]

[Class] Rejected Opportunities

For week 3, we had to shoot some reference videos. Four of my ideas were rejected. The fifth one, a very boring walk but effective, was selected so I had to animate (or at least Block) that: My feeling on this: My instructor doesn’t think I should do anything complex because I’m not good at […]

[Class] – Week 3 – Reference Video Walk and Stop

We’re up to week 3 and the assignment is to first create a reference video of us walking, then coming to a stop. Naturally, my first instinct was to do something to challenge myself — but to put the brakes on doing extra — our instructor advised us to submit a version for him to […]

[Class] Another C

Another week — another ‘C’. So what does that mean? Well, on one hand it’s in the 70-range when you calculate the grade into numbers. Not awful, but skin of your teeth. I’m quite positive I don’t want to be a ‘just getting over’ ‘C’ student. On the other hand, it’s not a ‘D’ or […]

[Class] Splining and Walks are Like Assholes

Moving gracefully into Week 3, we’re currently working on splining the blocked character. For the uninitiated, you create the keyframes to a walk first in stepped mode (Blocking). The four or five major steps of the character: up, down, passing, etc. Splining is a setting that tells the computer to blend it all into a […]

[Class] Missed Class and Grade

I missed my class today and I got a ‘C’ on the walk animation. So, naturally, I’m not completely right at the moment. First, about the class. It started at 9am Pacific. A few days ago, I changed the timezone on the animschool website to reflect my current Eastern time. So everything was showing that […]

[Class] Basic Block Walk and Pose Sketching

The first week is almost over with a class today at 12 noon (pacific) – 3pm Eastern. I had some homework to work on over the week. I finished them, uploaded and we go over the work we did with likely instruction for the coming week. So far so good. Nothing I haven’t experienced before. […]

[Class] Day 1 – Week 1 – Walking

The walk is the basic opening act of all animation. That and the bouncing ball. My instructor has our class starting out on that and he’s made it clear he will be critiquing are work hard. That’s a good thing. I welcome it. He made a lot of references to the a first class that […]