[Contest] AnimSchool Animation Contest and Animation Style

I decided to enter the latest AnimSchool Animation Contest. Just after saying I would take a low profile and just study the art, what’s this about?

Well, you got to understand I haven’t really did any animation in months. By the time July 5th comes around, if I didn’t do a stitch of animation on Maya until then, I would be fumbling around how to use Maya again after mentioning to the school that I’ve been using it for 10+ years. lol. Which is true. Probably even longer. But when you put a tool down long enough, you have to re-familiarize.

So, this is what this is about. Re-familiarizing myself with the software and revisiting an understanding of what kind of style I have.

Look, we all are inspired by the artists we love. Starting out, we do what we can to emulate their style. I’m a Steven Spielberg, Studio Ghibli fan so my attention to storytelling gravitates that way. Also a big fan of Pixar. Again, the storytelling. As far as the mechanics of animation, as much as I would love to animate like a solid Disney animator, I’ve got a ways to go and I get that.

What I have noticed, over time, I have started to find my own ‘style’ in animation that will only become more visible as I get trained right. Right now, it’s not where I want it. Again, this is why I’m going to the school.

Funny thing is, I’m entering this contest knowing the same people who will be reviewing my course work will be reviewing my pre-student contest entry.  I go into this potentially looking stupid. As the course goes on, I’ll be looked at as the guy who submitted that corny animation entry. lol.

Or … I can knock it out the park and win something — opening up the question why I should go to school anyway.

Neither here no there. I know EXACTLY why I need to be taught and it’s a priority to me. In fact, it will likely be evident in the animation itself as I progress through this contest.

The contest started two days ago and end August. Plenty of time to take my time and do whats right. Actually, some of what I need to do bleeds over into classes that will be starting.

Basically, when I put away all the bullshit second guessing, I’m entering the contest because I love animation and I have a good idea.

All those ideas will be WIP uploads here and journalized along the way.

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