Steady as She Goes

Current Status:

  • On schedule.
  • Locked Artist Alley Table at Atlanta Comic Convention July 15-July 17th – Bringing 4Flights … see you there!
  • Finalized ‘look’ and color of scenes and characters (thank you Lightning Boy Studios!)
  • Exploring multiple marketing venues including Hulu!
  • Character Rigging is the focus for the rest of this month.
  • Scenery/Environment building slow but going well.

The whole year has been successfully planned out in my 2022 Marketing Playbook. I’m scheduled to hit key months with pre-teasers, teasers, eventual trailer and there’s even an audio theater podcast element to this to keep pushing the show.

I mean, I knew exactly what I wanted before. I truly did.

But when I saw the final textured characters, I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY knew this was going to be the shit and said ‘yes’ to get a spot at the Atlanta Comic Convention. Why am I going? To pitch the concept to the core market the animation should appeal to. By July, as it happens, I’m to release a teaser animation to point toward the November release.

Leading up to the convention, a pre-teaser will be released in May, then June … followed by the official teaser, and so on. Turns out, finding out about the July ATL Comic-Con was serendipitous and made sure I got our place there. Just handing out promotional items for three days. So, buying that stuff is getting locked in ASAP.

All of this is going to be expensive.

Worth it.

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