Rigs I Like

This is an ongoing list — that I slowly build on and correct — of rigs I like using. One or two of them I absolutely LOVE. Please visit their links and buy them if available.

Rain V2 – (https://studio.blender.org/characters/5f1ed640e9115ed35ea4b3fb/v2/)

This is for Blender. Also, heads up: it’s free-not-free. The rig is free, but to get it you have to pay for the Blender cloud thing. Don’t complain: Blender overall is worth 3k easy like some of the other big boys and it’s free software you don’t have to bootleg. For about $11 a month, you get a lot of free tools so quit-yer-bitchin’.

Body Mechanic Rigs by Joe Daniels (https://gumroad.com/l/xhrk)

Dana Rig by Gabriel Salas (https://gumroad.com/l/kKyvP)

I particularly love this rig for obvious reasons. African-American rigs are far and few to come by. The development isn’t because of explicit racism. It’s just that white developers think of Black characters as an afterthought and developers of other countries think it’s marketable to Americans to build white things first — then it forms into racism as these rigs are used for stereotypical/racist use. So much so, Gabriel had to add a warning in the read me included with the file. Not sure how many warnings not to use for racism you find on other rigs. Anyway, I applaud Gabriel for these and all the rigs he’s made. I just have to start putting them to use.

David rig by Gabriel Salas (https://gumroad.com/gabrielsalas)

He also has two other rigs that look just wonderful! Once I buy them I’ll report in.

Bonnie (1 & 2) by Josh Sobel (https://www.joshsobelrigs.com/bonnie2)

Kayla Rig by Josh Sobel (https://www.joshsobelrigs.com/kayla)

Malcolm by AnimSchool (https://www.animschool.com/DownloadOffer.aspx)

This was the rig, after years of countless downloads, that pulled the trigger for me to go to AnimSchool. I felt like I was indebted to them for all the practice I used on it. They make it free to download.