4Flights Scheduling

To-Do Begin Dates Deadline Actual Completion Date Post-future congratulations on the Black Animators group (Facebook) January 14th January 14th Treatment for the four scripts January 14th January 17th Create Models (unrigged) January 31st Four (4) 10 minutes scripts January 18th February 12th Models – Rigged/Ready January 31st February 28th Episode one (1) Storyboards completed January […]

The Plan – #4Flights

On January 1st, I posted a challenge to the Black Animators group to do a simple animation as a group gathering. I successfully marked that idea off my bucket list as I’ve been wanting to post a challenge in that group for a few years. I didn’t offer up a challenge before because my faith […]

Rigging: The Daz3D / Mixamo / Blender / Maya Equation

Problem: Love to animate. HATE rigging characters. Mixamo comes along (years back) and tried to fix all of that. Ideal Concept: Use already established, customizable, and potentially rigged Poser and/or Daz3D characters in a better animation package (Maya, Blender, etc) and be golden. Problem with THAT concept: (Heavy sigh – Where do I begin): Poser […]

Enter the Blender

My frustration with Maya trying to finish the Flava project shifted me to Blender with a little bit more urgency. My learning method might be considered a little unorthodox. Some might call it insane. Truth is, this is pretty much how I’ve learned everything: on an actual task rather than a ‘Blender 101’ approach. What […]

[Incomplete] Flava in Ya Ear

While I typically am unhappy with the work I do, this one suffered mostly from technical implosions. So without bemoaning months of trying to re-animate things and start from scratch, I pulled the plug on where I left it. The issues begin and end with Maya’s handling of the rigs. It was crashing since I […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve got four (4) wonderful days to just focus on completing ‘Flava in ya Ear’ and I’m already on it. Aside from cooking later tonight, I’ve laid out my ‘to-do list’ and checked off all the right boxes to get this animation done. Sometime this weekend I’ll also hammer into the Blender rigging process. My […]

Flava Progress and the next project

It’s day 14 and the work is halfway done. If I keep at this steady momentum, another 14 days or so will be a month and I’ll have not been any faster at getting the work done than I was with the New York project. Not necessarily rushing but 30-days is way too much in […]

Flava in ya Ear Progress

All is well so far. I would even go as far as to say I’m moving faster than the last project. Every now and then, I get concerned that I’m moving ‘too’ fast; thus likely to overlook issues in the animation. But, the good news is, I am paying acute attention to detail and steadily […]

Art and Race

Currently, the ‘Flava‘ project is steadily proceeding in motion. Better than most years where you can find me watching Netflix and doing zero animation at all. By the way, I just caught a really cool trailer for an upcoming series called “Arcane: League of Legends” based on the game: So, even though I plan to […]

[In Progress] Animation – Flava in Ya Ear

I’ve got to point out something I’ve noticed but never acted on until now. Let me first address that the recent ‘New York, New York’ animation is doing well on TikTok for my first video (although really second, if you count the Shaolin Max test upload). As of this writing, just over 2,201 views and […]