Going Well

I think … after years of invariant success and failure … #4flights has to be the most solidly executed project I ever worked on. While a lot of it is familiar. I’ve performed film production duties before for others and my own early attempts. The difference is more confidence. I know what my expectations are with the animation, characters, story, and so on. The technology is (finally) at my fingertips. No excuses.

So, a quick journal entry to mention: two of four scripts completed. Storyboards have started (regardless of the personal quality) and I’m crafting the proper animatics right after to find my timing against the storyboards and the script for the first episode.

I’m gliding into this without stress. Good year so far.

Oh! Did I mention I’m also doing the vocals in-house? I am hiring genuine actresses/actors but my wife created a really cool sound booth a few years ago and we’re going to re-build another to capture vocals. I’m not casting for that until closer to March/April, I believe. Plenty of time.

Plenty of time because January is drippingly slow for some reason. Either that, or I’m getting a lot more done than expected.

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