[Contest] Updating Trombone

It needs to be addressed that I am — at the heart — a 3DS Max fan. I started my animation ‘thing’ with 3DSMax. Even a whole lot of 3D art with it too. It’s just a better, intuitive application for simple things and modeling.

I mentioned in a previous journal entry that I DON’T do modeling. And I don’t. But the little thing I need to do for a object, I’d rather do it in Max than in Maya.

For instance, the trombone slides. The model I have doesn’t slide. I tried to get Maya to select the faces and allow me to separate and fix it. Sorry to say, I’m just so very clumsy using Maya’s modeling tools. I’m sure they are nice, though.

The thing is: I can get more done in Max in less time. If I started with Maya, I guess I would feel the same way about Maya. Thing is: I’m been using 3DSMax since it was owned by Discreet and that company before them. Kinect or something like that.

The trombone kind of cuts close to the Jazz Guy’s head. I’ve notice most of the people using a real one have to kind of turn it to avoid their heads from getting hit with it. Turns out I had to do the same.

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