[Contest] The Reason

Last week was a long week. My daughter and son were with me for the Father’s Day weekend and into the rest of the week. It’s always a pleasure having them with me. That said, I did ZERO animation work for the contest until everyone left.

I spent the past weekend working on some blocking for the trombone player. As a result, I’m at the baseline that has always vexed my momentum forward.

I mentioned sometime ago the reason I went for this contest was to blow the dust off my animation skills. AnimSchool courses start in less than a week. I haven’t messed with Maya in almost a year 1/2 so entering the contest was a good way to re-familiarize myself with the software and what was my typical animation method.

I realize I NEVER liked my animation method.

It’s sloppy and I’m not guaranteed the results I’m looking for.


But you know what? That is the reason I’m going to AnimSchool. I want to get to a style and method that doesn’t leave me with endless unfinished projects and ideas. Working on this contest allowed me to see my glaring errors and wasted methods that were going in the wrong direction.

I mentioned before, going into AnimSchool, I plan to be a clean slate to the process. I don’t know shit … and I’m going to sponge everything I can from a sort of ground zero.

Orientation is tomorrow.

I’m SO ready to make sweeping changes and be a better animator.

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