4Flights Scheduling

To-Do Begin Dates Deadline Actual Completion Date
Post-future congratulations on the Black Animators group (Facebook) January 14th January 14th
Treatment for the four scripts January 14th January 17th
Create Models (unrigged) January 31st
Four (4) 10 minutes scripts January 18th February 12th
Models – Rigged/Ready January 31st February 28th
Episode one (1) Storyboards completed January 18th February 28th
Episode One Animation Begins  March 1st End of April
Episode two (2) Storyboards completed March 19th
Episode Three (3) Storyboards completed April 16th
Episode one (1) Scenery and Environments
Hire vocals April 30th
Hire soundtrack composer  
Episode Two Animation Begins May 1st end of June
Episode  Four (4) Storyboards completed May 14th
Episode Three Animation begins July 1st End of August
Teaser Blitz July 1st
Episode Four animation begins September 1st End of October
Trailer Blitz September 7th
Release Date Nov 7th

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